Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wall deco

These butterflies I cut with my Cricut from decorating vinyl for a neighbour.

This walldeco I cut with my cricut and let my (4 year old) son come up with the rest:

Glass etching

I also use my Cricut to cut templates for glass etching:

candy jar with company logo

glasses with company logo

At the end of the year it's customary to give the teacher a present. I let my son write his own name, made a template of that with my Cricut and etched it onto a teaglass.

Here are some shirts I've done over the last year:

 Big Bang Theory's Sheldon ofcourse

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley

for Circusday at school

Robot evolution, another Big Bang Theory classic

 For my cousin: Ninjago front
and back
for a 8 year old Beatles fan

For a friend who turned 50